I am Ian Lollar.

I live in Seattle with my wife and daughter

I grew up in LA, which is big and hot.

I build things, usually with code.

I usually look like this, or this.

(Very occasionally, this.)

I am a technical director and executive at Left Field Labs.

I run internal product teams embedded at Google.

Before that, I co-founded and was CTO of Spectra Health.

(We sold Spectra.)

I have been a technical consultant and software engineer.

(For many years.)

I like stories. I watch them, read them, write them, and tell them.

(And yes, I am a Dungeon Master.)

I am also a lover of music, both listening and playing.

I used to write technical tutorials, like, a long time ago.

(Is the text getting smaller?)

I have earned some points on that developer site.

I've had words with a Tiny Blue Bird.

(But not in a long while.)

Wanna chat? Ping me at ian@lollar.email.

(Congratulations! You have reached the tiniest words.)